Bernardo Campos Diocaretz

Full Stack Developer based in Sydney, Australia

Bernardo Campos Diocaretz

Full Stack Developer

I've been passionate about computers and technology for as long as I can remember. I started developing websites at the age of 10 and learned how to program a couple of years later.

The languages I'm most skilled at are PHP, Python, C#, Java and JavaScript. Regarding frameworks, I have experience and I'm confident working with CodeIgniter and Slim and I have some experience working with Ionic, VueJS and React.

I have particular interest for IoT and Cloud Computing and I have developed some projects using Raspberry Pi and Arduino. These projects have been made either to teach students how to use these technologies or helping researchers to remotely collect field data.

Besides my programming skills I have 3+ years of experience working independently as an IT & Network Consultant for different types of businesses.

Professional Skills

Database Management Systems 90%

Web development 80%

Object-Oriented Programming 75%

IT & Network Support 85%

Graphic Design 50%

Professional Experience

I have done work for different types of industies such as Education, Software Developent and IT Support.


Professor (Feb 2019 - Mar 2020)

I was in charge of teaching Python Programming, Database Theory and Oracle SQL. I also participated in Research and Development, especially within IoT development.


Web Developer (Mar 2018 - Jul 2018)

I worked as a full-stack developer working mainly with PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL and MySQL. I also was in charge of maintaining git repositories and managing Windows Server instances on AWS.


IT & Network Consultant (Jan 2015 - Feb 2019)

I worked as an IT & Network Consultant for a variety of businesses. My job consisted on troubleshooting, acquiring new equipment for office spaces, acquiring licences for specific software and managing corporate email accounts. I was also responsible for designing, setting up, maintaining, and securing computer networks.


Media Officer (Jan 2014 - Aug 2014)

I was responsible for producing the Students' Association newspaper (called OPUS) and any additional publications of the Students’ Association to students. I was also responsible for employment of staff and contributors to produce OPUS.

Educational Background

I have succeeded in obtaining 2 IT-related higher education degrees in both countries: Australia and Chile.

Duoc UC San Andrés, Chile

Ingeniería en Informática (2015 - 2018)

University of Newcastle, Australia

Bachelor of IT (2011 - 2014)







Sydney, Australia